Astarta Organic Business Centre
il Molino pizza restaurant in Astarta Organic Business Centre!
The best pizza in Kyiv from il Molino family is already in Astarta Organic Business Centre! Everything here resembles atmosphere of cozy Napoli restaurants. Here you can have breakfast, hold a business meeting with partners or have family dinner. Pizza restaurant perfectly fits into "city in the city" concept of Astarta Business Quarter. For more information, please contact: +380 (67) 447 99 67
Our results in 2018!
High-time to sum up key events and achievements of Astarta Organic Business Centre: IBUILD – 2018 - Business Centre of the Year; Eastern Europe Real Estate Project Awards 2018 – Office Project of the Year; Eastern Europe and Asia Real Estate Project Awards 2016 – Office Project of the Year; Eastern Europe and Asia Real Estate Project Awards 2016 – Innovation of the Year; grand opening of Block C (3rd phase of construction); 33 lease agreements with new tenants, which proves our reputation in the market; morning yoga classes from Podolskiy Fitness Club; fire drill, organized in collaboration with State Emergency Service of Ukraine (Kyiv department). Let 2019 bring more innovative ideas and projects!
Kyiv Samson in Astarta Organic Park
Astarta Organic Business Centre became a partner of "Shukai" project – bronze mini-sculptures, telling history of Kyiv. People walk, look for these mini-sculptures and learn history of the city. Without excursions and special occasions. To learn more about the project: In Astarta Organic Park, you can find a mini-sculpture of one important Kyiv symbol – Kyiv Samson, symbol of the famous fountain in the Kontraktova Square, which celebrates 210th anniversary.
Astarta Organic Business Centre becomes Office Project of the Year, Eastern Europe Real Estate Project Awards 2018
On November 26th, the best European projects were evaluated by world experts in real estate, architecture and design. Issue of urbanization and city development was a central topic of IV EE Real Estate Forum & Project Awards 2018. Astarta Organic Business Centre has received the acknowledgment of international expert community and has been named Office Project of the Year!
Astarta Оrganic Вusiness Сentre becomes Business Centre of the Year according to IBUILD – 2018!
IBUILD – 2018 is a key award in real estate development in Ukraine. Grand finale of VI Ukrainian Award IBUILD – 2018 took place in Kyiv International Convention Center Parkovyi on November 16th, where leading experts in real estate chose leaders in real estate development.
Arlekin Wine Shop in Astarta Organic Business Centre
Good news before weekend! Arlekin Wine Shop is now open in Astarta Organic Business Centre – a place with special atmosphere. Winery is the place where you can buy wines and also learn about its consumption, new sorts of grapes and creation process of true wine! The shop offers more than 2 000 items of wine from all over the world. Cognac, armagnac, sherry, whiskey, rare kinds of grappa – and this is not a full list of hard liquors.
Wide range of wines and hard liquors, Gift sets and wine accessories, Wine by the glass and snacks, Permanent special offers, Services for corporate clients (gifts for partners, colleagues, special offers for celebrations and corporate get-togethers), Invoices for legal entities
Professional wine advice: (044) 228-05-60.
Astarta Organic Business Centre celebrates 1st anniversary and opening of Block C
We are 1 year old! On this day, 25 October 2017, two phases of construction (Block A and Block B) were open, and today we are celebrating Block C opening. Together, we were watching Astarta Business Quarter growing, meeting new residents and did our best to create special atmosphere in the business centre. For our team, space for growth is not just words, it's a key working principle.
BREEAM is about safety
Safety of the building is one of the criteria taken into account during the certification process, and every single day we prove our residents' safety within the walls of Astarta Organic Business Centre. A month ago, we successfully conducted a large-scale fire drill, and today our team has received a commendation from State Emergency Service of Ukraine (Kyiv department) for successful collaboration and important contribution to the safety of Kyiv.
Learn Business English in "Speak English" CQ
Speak English is a network of schools for BC residents, based on the concept Business English next door: you don't waste time on looking for a school nearby and driving around the city. The classes take place at Creative Quarter (Block A, 3rd floor). The school offers various formats of studying: in mini-groups, individual lessons with a teacher, speaking clubs, corporate studying. To schedule a free-of-charge assessment, please contact (095)-49-49-686, (097)-83-50-405.
Wide range of private notary services now available in Astarta Organic Business Centre
Private notary offers a wide range of notary services with guaranteed legality and confidentiality. Private notary also provides free-of-charge consultations on current norms of family law, civil, commercial and land law, and is a public registrar of property rights for real estate and encumbrance over assets. You can schedule an appointment with private notary at any time and any place.